Sunday, September 5, 2010

500 XL Speakers - Winnif Pang

"Sometimes bigger IS really better, especially when it comes to sound." -
500 times the size of Apples sleek iPod headphones, the 500 XL Speakers designed by Winnif Pang pay tribute to the simple aesthetic design that is consistent throughout Apple products. In terms of functionality and efficiency, the 500 XL Speakers only require one USB port, with the option of purchasing a power supply to save your laptops battery.

The 500 XL Speakers are a must for Apple fanatics who have a tendency to publicly display there gratitude towards Apple - now you can do it with 500 times the proclamation!


  1. my ears are too small for those im pretty sure haha
    hey check my blog if you are politically minded guys

  2. carry these around and confuse and astound your friends.

  3. These always fall out of my ears. I like the buds better.

  4. Hahaha, very nice.
    Contemplating getting some for my brother for X-mas.
    Nice blog, keep it up :)

  5. Call me a hipster or an Apple fan boy but iPod headphones are seriously the only ones I have found to be at all tolerable. Skullcandy suction ones don't even stay in my head. I've worn Zune headphones and those hurt in 15 minutes. iPod, I can go for a couple hours.

  6. Someone should definitely convert these to actual headphones. Would be sweet to see walking around.