Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is a company that recycles glass bottles and uses the bottom half as glass cups that look amazing.
This company sells these glasses for about $15 a cup, with package deals making them cheaper. I realise this is quite expensive, so I did some research and came across a tutorial that explains and reviews different methods of cutting glass bottles and also suggests the bottleneck can be used as a guitar slide. The bottlecutter uses costs ~$40, which (depending on how many glasses you make) is quite cheap.

I'm in love with the aesthetics of these glasses and am excited on cutting some of these myself. I will update with my own experience cutting these in the future.

Nose Stylus

This was so ridiculous I had to talk about it. It's a nose stylus for products that use touch technology (which is almost all emerging technology). This is something that you would use only at home, but I'm still struggling to see it's practicality.

Apparently it was designed so users could use their phone while in the bathtub, but let's face it - who really takes baths these days? Because of this it seems to have a limited demographic, and because of it's poor aesthetics the market is even narrower.